Procrastinating and organizing

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Before and After
Before and After
There’s something wrong with me. Really. When I am procrastinating big time, I organize. No, not all the time. If I did, then I would have the most organized house in the whole world because I procrastinate a lot! So, sometimes I organize. This time I was suckered in by the pretty, white, lacy drawer organizers that you can see in the upper right picture. They were on clearance for about 75% off, so what could I say? I just had to find a place to use them. I could have easily used them in my studio (wouldn’t that be inspiring to see something so pretty every time you opened a drawer?), but they ended up in the kitchen instead. While this particular drawer wasn’t horrible before, the previous bins were really too big to keep things nice and neat. Stuff just ended up in two or three big jumbles instead of one. I like having smaller cubbyholes that hold fewer things. I think that makes it easier to find what I am looking for. The same principle holds true in a studio.

organize-03aWell, I was still in the procrastination mood, so I finally organized the pit of despair that was under our bathroom sink. Sorry, no “before” pictures, but that is probably for the best. This time I decided to use an over-the-door shoe organizer. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, only that time she was storing all her cleaning supplies. I slipped this one on the inside of the door to our linen closet. It is directly outside of our bathroom, so that was the ideal place to keep all of the extra supplies. Now I can see at a glance that we have three extra bottles of shampoo, but no conditioner. How did that happen? We also have a zillion little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion because sweet hubby collects them every time we’re at a hotel. (Those are going to get consolidated soon into one big bottle. Don’t tell him, okay?) And why do we have two pockets full of toothbrushes? Who knows! Anyway, this idea would be great in a studio, too, don’t you think? It could store rotary cutters and bottles of Tacky glue, scissors and colored pencils, spools of thread and fusibles — all those little things that get lost in drawers and boxes. With this system, you can easily find what you want in seconds.

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  1. Jen B

    Next procrastinating mood please come over, I have an entire room you can ‘procrastinant’ in!