Quilter’s Calendar

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quilters-calendarAm I the only one who doesn’t know about Quilter’s Calendar? Here’s what they say about themselves:

The Quilter’s Calendar is a brand new website that connects quilters and guilds with quilt teachers, using an easily searchable online calendar

Instead of having to search through every quilt teacher’s website, looking for opportunities to book that teacher or attend a class, quilters and guild members can use the calendar, which is searchable by state or province, to see quilt teachers that are scheduled in their state/province or nearby. Guilds can then contact the teacher to book them to their guild, sharing expenses between guilds. That means less expenses and more opportunities for classes for guilds and their members.

Quilters can easily see what events, classes, retreats and shows are happening in their state, month by month.

Teachers can submit their teaching engagements for free, and by being visible on the calendar they can enjoy higher attendance and increase their opportunity to receive “piggy back” teaching engagements.

Visit www.quilters-calendar.com today to see what’s happening near you!

I’m going to have to spend some time exploring this site!

  1. Ann Wiseman

    Thanks for sharing this! Will let my guild VP’s know about it!! : )