This is our favorite place

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I saw this music video on Facebook this morning and thought you would enjoy it, too.

I loved the imagery, naturally! It is absolutely incredible. The line that struck me was “this is our favorite place.” It reminded me of a time where I was part of a group of quilters introducing ourselves. We were asked to say our name and our favorite place. Everyone was describing exotic places like “Bali” or “the Alps.” I was near the end, and kept thinking, am I the only weird one here? When it got to my turn, I said, “My favorite place to be is in my studio.”

I believe it really is true. I longed for it even before I had a studio; long ago when my girls were babies, and then for seventeen years while working as a draftsman/secretary. So why is it so hard sometimes?

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  1. Mary

    As much as I love to travel, my studio is my favorite place. I can so relate to your story.