Thread color decisions


Decisions, decisions. Today I need to decide if I will quilt this with just one color thread, or if I will use multiple colors. For most of the quilts I make, thread color is an easy choice. Since I am usually depicting realistic objects, I usually pick a thread that blends in, and I change the thread color as often as necessary.

For this quilt, that same logic doesn’t necessarily apply. I’m leaning toward choosing just one color, but at the same time, I am well aware that the tonal values in this quilt range from very dark to very light. How will it look if I choose just one color of quilting thread? A light thread on the dark tones will show up very strongly, and so will a dark thread on the lighter tones. Maybe my indecision is one reason I like variegated threads: that way, I really get several colors and tonal values with just one choice!


I pulled out a wide range of threads that match colors within my quilt and spread them out across an area with numerous color changes. I’m not sure that made my choice any easier. From top to bottom, I have a variegated thread with neutrals and bits of pastel colors, then light blue, a cool medium gray, a cool light gray, ecru, a warm dark gray, rusty brown, and dark brown. I actually like the little bits of color that pop up from time to time with the variegated thread. If I don’t pick that, I might likely pick one of the cool gray threads.

The next decision is how to quilt it? Simple straight lines, or something more complicated?