Today’s task

I had the opportunity to sneak in a couple hours of sewing Saturday night so that I finished piecing all of the blocks. Sunday morning before church, and then again in the afternoon, I finished cutting the 6-1/2″ alternate blocks. In the evening our church gathered to watch “The Big Game,” so I set up my machine in a back corner and sewed one alternate block to each pieced block.

A couple of appointments for today were cancelled so now I have today mostly free to sew! I spent some time crawling around on the floor laying the blocks out.


The biggest floor in our house is the kitchen floor. I couldn’t quite fit in the last two rows. I guess I’ll have to wait to arrange those. Good thing this is only a queen size quilt!

irish-chain-10I just have to show you the snack sweet hubby brought me while I was sewing. Wasn’t that thoughtful? I like how he made a smiley face, especially the chocolate nose. I think he likes it better when I’m quilting. I’m probably nicer 🙂