My name in print!

aqp-01Today’s mail brought me something very special: my name in print! The brand new book, Art Quilt Portfolio: People & Portraits, came today. Sweet hubby just couldn’t wait, and he tore open the package as soon as I told him what was inside. There she was: “Windblown” was smiling up at us from the front cover! I still can’t believe it!

He flipped through the first few pages as quick as he could. Inside is a six-page profile of my quilts, beginning on page 22 where “Evening Star” and “Broken Dishes” are shown.


Flight of Fancy” and “Windblown” are on pages 24 and 25.


Sheer Whim” and “Stolen Lives” are on pages 26 and 27.


Martha Sielman really did a great job of putting this beautiful book together. There are so many wonderful portrait artists in this book. Twenty-one artists, including myself, are spotlighted in special features, and there are gallery sections featuring another 100 artists. I am honored to have been included. I still can’t believe it. I know you hear people say that all the time, but it’s true. It still doesn’t seem real.

I know what I’ll be doing tonight! I can’t wait to read every word. Maybe it will feel real then.

8 Responses

  1. B J Elder

    How wonderful and so well deserved! I can see your smile all the way here on the West Coast!

  2. Ann Wiseman

    Yes, what B J said – well deserved!! You and your work are wonderful and inspiring and it’s nice to have you in my backyard, so to speak : ) We are looking forward to having you as our speaker this coming August for the Creative Quilters’ Guild in Centerville.

  3. Elsie Montgomery

    Congrats Maria! Windblown has to be an all-time favorite of mine, and I admire the other quilts too. Increased blessings!

  4. Gretchen McDaniel

    Yes, congrats, indeed! And I will always remember seeing Windblown at IQF, and and how it hit me, right between my eyes, and right in the middle of my heart!

  5. Brenda Johnson

    Congratulations! The reason that your work is so beautiful and genuine is the fact that you are too. That’s why it doesn’t seem real to you. You’re not the type to think that you are “Mrs. Big Whoopie-do.” 🙂 That’s why the Lord shines through your work. Let Him continue to shine through you, Maria! Thanks for taking us along for the ride! Keep making faces!!! 🙂 ;-P 😀 :-I

  6. Mary

    Fabulous! Congratulations! Can’t wait to get my hands on this new book.

  7. Ed Chamness

    Congratulations…what a well deserved honor…was this a prepublication copy or are they already on sale (and where can I buy one???