Remembering my mother-in-law

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Ellie-1My mother-in-law, Ellie, passed away peacefully at 2:30 AM this morning. She was 76. My husband and one of his brothers were by her side at the time. For the past several days, she had been surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

I will always remember her as a fiery red head who accepted me as I was. She was never the stereotypical, critical mother-in-law, but she did have a lovable, sarcastic streak. She was devoted to her seven children and their families. She loved cooking big holiday meals, and she always made a special lemon meringue pie just for my husband. She enjoyed many crafts, but she was particularly fond of embroidery. ellie-3Even as arthritis overtook her hands, she struggled to hold a needle so she could continue embroidering. Towards the end, she spent all her time in her recliner watching TV. NCIS was one of her favorites.

Ellie was always frail, even when I first met her 34 years ago. The last several years she had been in poor health and in continual pain. In all the years I knew her, I don’t think she was ever more than 100 pounds, but this past month her weight dipped to only 56 pounds. Still, she was adamant that she wanted to die at home without doctors, hospice, or convalescent homes. We will miss Ellie tremendously, but we are very thankful that she is no longer suffering.

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  1. Paul

    May God bless you and Dave and your entire family at this time of grieving. May you all experience peace that passes understanding and may her Love be a comfort. May your family be a witness to our Lord and Savior and may His love for Elie and for you be evident to all who you encounter during the next few days.

  2. SimplySusan

    Even though we never knew Ellie, I love to read as you write and remember her fondly. We are sorry to hear of your loss and praying God’s peace. We love you.

  3. Valerie Funk

    So sorry for your loss. Peace be with you and family.

  4. Sharon

    What a touching tribute. Thank you for sharing……

  5. Kelly

    My condolences on your loss. It was lovely for you to share about her.
    I lost my dear sweet MIL last year. She was my best friend, and a fiery red-head head as well. I am so blessed to have had her in my life.