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TAA-logoI’ve always been interested in textiles of all types, especially historical and ethnic needlework. I’ve spent hours in many a library pouring over books trying to learn as much as I can about just about anything I can get my hands on. Because of that deep interest, I was so excited to learn about the Textile Art Alliance (TAA), an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art. I was even more excited when they invited me to come to speak for their members. On Wednesday, I shared my love of quilts that feature people and portraits, and then shared my own quilts. What a great group of people! They asked questions as fast as they could before we ran out of time.

On Thursday, I came back and taught a Making Faces workshop with then of them. It’s nice to work with a small group because it gives me the chance to give each person so much more attention, and I have the opportunity to get to know them a little better. Here are a few of the portraits that came our of that workshop.

Thanks, ladies! We really enjoyed our time with you. Thanks, Mary Ann, for all of your hard work in coordinating all the details.

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  1. Leslie Alperin

    Dear Maria,
    I LOVED your class! Thank you!!! I finished piecing the quilt and I was just too afraid to quilt it because I was so pleased with the results as is. I didn’t want to ruin it. I dropped it at the framers today and I know he will do an excellent job. I will send you a photo when I get it back. My brother is going to be so thrilled when he sees it. I’m too excited to wait for his July birthday so he’s going to get it soon. I really wish I could learn how you used the computer program…I did take notes…but I’m sure it is beyond my skill level.
    It was so nice meeting you and your husband and thank you for teaching me how to do this. I’m sure it will become a family heirloom.
    ~Leslie Alperin

    • Maria

      I’m looking forward to seeing it, Leslie. Don’t be afraid of playing with the computer, though. You might be surprised! You might try the free online program at http://pixlr.com/