Wellington Country Inn

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wellington-b&bI’ve been laying low recently. Literally. Here’s the reason: Some dear friends gifted us with three nights at a bed and breakfast in the little town of Wellington, Ohio. (Thank you!!! You know who you are!) Since sweet hubby is a pastor, we left after church and stayed through Wednesday morning. Since we were there on weekdays, the Wellington Country Inn B&B was wonderfully quiet. Just what we needed!

DH’s back was hurting from some work he’s been doing at the church, so we opted to stay in the downstairs “Franklin D. Roosevelt Room.” That way he wouldn’t have to carry suitcases upstairs. It was a very relaxing room. On Monday, we rolled out of bed to eat breakfast at 8; afterwards we promptly went back to bed. We watched a movie on DH’s laptop for a while and then napped an hour or two. For lunch, we walked two blocks to a little family restaurant, and then we returned for more movie and another nap. For dinner, we walked one block to a pizza buffet, and then returned for more relaxation and a little ice cream.

By Tuesday, we felt a little guilty about laying around all day, so we went for a little walk to enjoy all the fabulous architecture. Here are just a few snapshots I took as we strolled a few blocks down Main Street.

After our walk, we tried out another little restaurant for lunch. By evening the rain had started, so we actually drove three whole blocks to get a nice steak dinner.

Wednesday morning we had to leave bright and early for Cleveland, but it was such a nice little get away!