Product Review: EcoluxLighting

b&l-27I had to make myself stop fiddling with the top and get on with it. Yesterday morning, I pin basted the quilt layers. Then I spent some time cleaning up my sewing area. I had to dig out George from under all the clutter that collects over time.

Still unwilling to actually quilt something, I rationalized that I needed to really clean my table top around George. I even used (gasp!) a spray cleaner. Just so you know, I’m not known for my housekeeping skills. Thankfully, sweet hubby owned a janitorial company for many years, and he does all the house work. Isn’t he wonderful?

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid any attention to George, so we spent a few minutes getting reacquainted. I oiled it and quilted a bit on a scrap to get the tension right. Then I took a very deep breath and started quilting over all the black outlines. It’s amazing how intimidating machine quilting can be when you haven’t done it in a while. I feel really rusty, but I’m trying to stop being overly critical of myself. You know, that voice that is continually telling you it’s not good enough? Pointing out every mistake? I am actively making every effort to totally ignore and drown out that voice.

b&l-28Since I haven’t been quilting on George nearly enough, I decided to start working on the easier areas. The pink dress seemed like a good candidate. I used a light and a dark pink thread for that. Then I moved on to the white areas like the shoes, hats, and tights.

b&l-29I did one other thing yesterday morning before I started quilting. Last October, I installed an EcoluxLighting LED strip on my Janome, and I loved the difference it made. I had purchased one for George, too, but I had not installed it yet. During my earlier clean-up-the-studio-before-you-quilt phase, I finally put it on. I love light! It seems like my eyes need more and more of it as I get older. I have overhead shop lights, so without the extra LED strip, I am always working in a shadow. These lights are worth every penny.

5 Responses

  1. Beth Schillig

    Looking good!! I’m glad to see George is getting a workout to! See you next week at the Barn! Beth

    • Maria

      Beth, I quilted for a while with no problems and then had some trouble with one thread. I re-threaded the machine and reinserted the bobbin. I changed the needle. I was still having trouble. I finally put in a different spool of thread and everything has been fine again. Can there be an issue with one particular spool of thread? Seems so weird. The other threads are the same Superior 40 wt polyester. Is there a right or wrong way to positioning the spool?

  2. Deanna Lasher

    Maria, yes there can be an issue with one spool of the same kind of thread, or at least I have experienced the same problem in the past. If you are using a spool and not a cone, try flipping your spool over. When sewing through Batik, paint, glue, or fused pieces, I find that I have to go slower with a sharper (smaller) needle. I don’t have the patience for that, but even less so for breaking thread. Your project is looking great!

  3. Connie Carrington

    This quilt is looking great! I love the Flower Garden units you added at the bottom. I haven’t used my George in almost 2 months, so I’m like you, getting ready to get reacquainted. Your quilting in the white stockings and the dresses looks good!

  4. Ed Chamness

    Looking good…I am working on re-setting my machine for free-motion work I NEED to do…