Push-up 1 rotated

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progressions04One of the aspects of experimentation I often forget is to try to keep an open mind all the way to the end and beyond. I often start with a general idea at the beginning and it is difficult to move beyond that. With this piece, for instance, the whole time I was sewing it I was thinking of it as a horizontal piece, moving from low density on the top to high density on the bottom, dark on the left and light on the right.

This morning, on a whim, I tried rotating it, and I think I like it better.


I tried it both directions. I know what I like, but which do you like better?

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  1. Lynn Lambert

    I like the one on the left. It looks like looking past a stand of trees into a clearing

  2. Margaret

    YES!!! Amazing what a difference it makes. Personally, I like the one on the left (dark in upper left-hand corner). Almost like it’s casting a shadow. But they’re both effective.

  3. B J Elder

    Each direction gives it such a different look. I’m liking the vertical on the left as for me it takes you from darkness into the light — rather biblical.

  4. Ed Chamness

    I seem to be outnumbered, but I like the vertical one on the right…maybe it is the journalist’s/advertising point of view… that;s how I would design pages/advertisements…upper left to lower right…

  5. Barbara

    I like the left one too. What about upside down? It may look like a dark cloud and falling rain. I turned my laptop upside down and I like it that way!!!

  6. Connie Carrington

    Like the orientation on the left. It looks like the curved surface of a woven basket illuminated on the right.

  7. Brenda Johnson

    I’m starting to side with Ed and go with the one on the right, but honestly, I would sew in pockets to hang it either way, depending on where and how it was displayed. The one on the right leads your eye to the left, so if it was in a show on one end of a row of quilts (or in a corner in a home), I would want it to lead my eye to the rest of the quilts (or the rest of the wall). Make sense? Of course the one on the left leads my eye to the right, so I would make my decision accordingly. Sorry if that wasn’t a decisive decision. I’m curious if right and left handed people make different calls on this one. I’m a right-y, but I tend to think outside the box.

  8. Ms Lottie

    Umm, I think you have to make another one because I like the two together. But I’m a girl who likes symmetry.