Something about nothing: the blog tour continues — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I really enjoyed interviewing you. Your responses were very inspirational!

    • I’m so glad. It’s been a long journey, but SO worth it. If my comments can help someone else shave a few years off of the difficult part of their journey, I’d be thrilled!

  2. It’s like you are reading my mind (or living my life) or something like that. Yes, I also need to put “Quit listening to yourself, and start telling yourself” on my wall to read each day!!! Keep that inspiration coming. I finally ordered the book last night. I’ve ordered several along that line. I also ordered the big paper you use with a grid on it, and IF all of this leads to my doing this: “Quit listening to yourself, and start telling yourself”, then I will have something awesome to put in the fair to honor my father in August. I lost him in January and think it’s time to step out and put his face in fabric!

    • We have a lot in common.

      I’d love to see your portrait of your father. I have an idea for a portrait of my father on my to-do list, too. He passed away last September.