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mvaqnOn Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of going to a Miami Valley Art Quilt Network meeting to show my quilts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know several of these talented ladies over the years, and I got to know a few new ones, too. Because it was a small group, we had a lot of fun doing a long question and answer period, and I got to describe a little about my journey in quiltmaking.

Since it is a local group, several of these ladies are also in my own quilt guild. They’ve participated in many of the same quilt challenges that I did, and we’ve been able to watch each other as we develop as artists.

If you aren’t already, I highly recommend that you get involved in some local art or quilt guild, too. It is a great way to get feedback, to bounce ideas off other people, to be challenged. You don’t need to find a group of ladies who do the same thing you are doing. There are still an abundance of ways that you can be inspired. Maybe you will admire the way someone uses color, or how they handle a traditional quilt block in an innovative way. The benefits can be endless if you go in with the right mindset.

So, thank you, ladies, for inviting me to visit your wonderful group, and thank you for cheering me on in my journey, even though I am not able to participate in your guild on a monthly basis.

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  1. Ed Chamness

    I know they enjoyed your presentation…it is good to “learn” from others…would have enjoyed your presentation to the smaller group as I am sure the expanded Q&A would have been tremendous…

    (finally got this to open…was just very slow…probably this old laptop…)