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Timeless Star by Lynn ThompsonIf you’re looking for a good summertime novel about quilters, you might want to consider Timeless Star by Lynn Thompson, the pseudonym for Diana Forrester and Mary Clark of Double D Press. The mystery novel revolves around a group of ladies who go to a two week long antique quilt symposium. They go to learn about quilt history and to create a reproduction quilt of their own. During their time there, a mysterious quilt is discovered, then a woman is murdered, and finally numerous valuable antique quilts disappear: all events that are virtually unheard of in this small Ohio town. At the same time, we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of an independent quilt shop owner who is struggling with empty-nest syndrome in the midst of preparing for the store’s first Shop Hop.

Because I maintain the Lost Quilt Come Home webpage (, Diana contacted me nearly two years ago because they wanted to include some information about actual missing quilts. In the back of the book, they’ve included the information on seven quilts which need to be recovered. I really appreciate that they have used their novel to help raise awareness of how valuable quilts can be, and why they need to be protected.

I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I did! And, if you leave a comment below, I’ll do a drawing on Friday and send the winner my once-read copy of the book. (I’m trying very hard stop my tendency of collecting stuff, especially books, so I’ve been working at passing on my blessings, especially the good ones.)

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  1. Susan

    Sounds like a fun book! And I love that they included lost quilts that need to be recovered!

  2. Ed Chamness

    Maria…I think Janice might be interested in this, but just in case the random generator passes me by as usual, I will check to see where it might be available in the public library system or online…and I know how to read, too…lol…

  3. Kathy

    I love mystery books and quilts. Sounds like a fun book.

  4. Sandy

    Thanks for the book review. Hoping to read the book

  5. LynDee

    Sounds like a fun read…quilts, quilters, a little mystery in the mix…and still enough of summer left to read it!

  6. Michele

    I would love to read this – love the mystery + quilting combo!

  7. Linda D

    I love mysteries AND quilts, so am guessing the combination would be a winner! Thanks for destashing this way!

  8. Suzanne M Riggio

    I’d sure like a chance to win this book. Bless you.

  9. Sara

    I love mystery books especially those related to quilting, crafts and cooking. Your review makes this one sound especially interesting. Would love to win it.

  10. Sharon Driver

    …love those quilt related books ! Most frankly are kind of fluffy – but that’s my style anyway, lol. Thanks for the review….!!!!

    And….nice give away, Maria!

  11. Beth M

    I love mysteries and quilts so this book should be a fun read. Thanks for the drawing!

  12. Lynn Kunz

    I’m always looking for the next book to read. This sounds pretty good.
    Lynn Kunz

  13. J Marie

    I love to read and quilt mysteries are some of my favorite books.

  14. Jean Tam

    Lost quilts waiting to be found. Intruiging. Hope your once-read book “finds” its way to me! Good luck to all.

  15. Linda R Jackson

    You have done a great service with your website. Thanks for sharing this book.

  16. Janice Mc

    Glad to hear there is another author writing about quilts, I’ve consumed the others I know about!!! And this one does a public service as well (without using recipes I hope!) Thanks for the heads up!!!

      • Janice Mc

        Oh well, bet I can ignore them as well as I have the others!!!! Really really do not like to cook!!!! Eating, however, I do enjoy!!!!

  17. Linda K Trestman

    Sounds like a good read as mysteries are not my normal pick!

  18. Marge Bresel

    What a nice thing to do. Thank you for having this drawing. I enjoyed reading about this book on your blog.

  19. lapaylor

    I’d love to read this Maria, what an excellent idea to gift it!!
    LeeAnna in Severna Park Md

  20. Nancy Gilpin

    I like the idea of you recycling your book; if I get it I will do the same!

  21. Christine Thresh

    I really enjoy books about textiles, especially quilts. This sounds great. Is it for sale on line (if I don’t win)?

  22. Bethany Garner

    Hi Maria… Now, having a great Quilt Detective story would be a huge relief for this busy heritage and art quilt enthusiast for VACATION in late August. As a quilt restoration specialist, I would love to see the recovered quilt in survival mode. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Nancy Schlegel

    I’m always looking for a good book and am enjoying mysteries right now. My quilting group is becoming a book reading group too so I could pass it around to all my friends. Thanks for being willing to pass it on.

  24. Sandy Wyngaard

    I will be looking for this book…. provided that I don’t “win” the loan of yours.

  25. Becky Grimm

    Thank you for the recommendation and the chance to win your copy. I love to pass along good books instead of hoarding them.

  26. LindaMac

    Thanks for letting us know about this book. My quilting friend just had a stroke and is now reading quilting mysteries while recovering (since she isn’t allowed near pins, needles, and scissors yet). I would love to give this book to her.

  27. Angie

    Just started quilting in January and I’m addicted to it now! If this book should land in my hands, I would read it and pass it along. Thanks for the chance to perhaps be second in line.

  28. Lois Leader

    I am so happy that stories have been included about lost quilts. Having lost a very precious quilt through the mail this spring, I totally understand the devastation one can feel. It’s like having a part of you missing! I know I didn’t feel like quilting for several weeks after the loss. My quilt was found a month after it was lost and that is a truly remarkable feeling also!

  29. Diana Forrester

    Maria, thanks so much for your review of Timeless Star. Ladies we are new at the techy part of this but you can order at or by calling Mary(co-author) at 1-614-563-2750. We love you quilting ladies.

  30. MHH

    I have read several books about quilting and loved them all. Will look for this one if I don’t win it.

    Thanks for sharing the information on it.