Demo for Miami Valley Quilter’s Guild

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mvqg-demo-2Last night, my quilt guild, the Miami Valley Quilter’s Guild, had their annual “How-To” Demonstrations meeting. Four members demonstrated various techniques or skills. I volunteered to demo how to make a hanging sleeve. Our guild has its biannual quilt guild show next May, so I encouraged everyone to enter a quilt. We have a really good group of ladies. I made 80 copies of my instructions, and we ran several short.

ElkinsMaria-sleeveIf you need instructions on how to make a hanging sleeve, you can see my online tutorial. Or, if you prefer, you can print out a set of written instructions on making a sleeve in PDF format.

I really appreciate the ladies in my guild. They are always so encouraging. At the end of the meeting we have show-and-tell, and I brought Push-up #3: Requisite Red and Push-up #4: Reaching.


I confided in one lady that I always get sick to my stomach when I have have to stand up and speak in front of a group. Silly, I know. She was so sweet that she offered to walk up with me. But I like that no matter what you bring, there will be loads of people who are interested and will ask questions and say nice things. It’s a small thing, but I think every quilter should be involved in a group like that.

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  1. Dee Elkins

    Thank you for sharing the instructions Maria. I printed them out. Have a terrific day.

  2. Jean Brittingham

    Was awesome last night with lots of great info at all the demos. Thanks fir showing us the proper way to make and especially attach a hanging sleeve. Looking forward to hanging a couple of my quilts for the first time at our guild shoe next year! We do have an awesome group og talented and creative ladies.

  3. Ed Chamness

    Fantastic presentation…all of the demonstrations were well received and getting an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification was really appreciated…personally. I was really happy to see your “show and tell”…the pictures in your blog are spectacular, but seeing them in person up close is really special…