Push-up 4: Untitled at present

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pushup04-04Saturday was a wonderful day because I had a good number of hours to work uninterrupted. Choosing the colors and stitching the strips are not tasks that are too difficult. My problem comes with the next stage: figuring out what to do with those strips. I pushed them around on my design wall for quite a while until I had the nerve to take one and cut it in half. I sewed those to halves together and cut it in half again. After doing that a few times, I ended up with a nice strip of stripes. (Say that five times really fast.) I repeated that approach with a couple of other pieces until I had a nice variety. Then I pushed everything around on my design wall some more.

I first started with everything horizontal and vertical. Then I wondered what it would look like with all diagonals, but I decided that was more trouble than it was worth.


I went back to the horizontal and vertical arrangement and made up my mind to sew more pieces together. I woke up early Sunday morning to finish it. Here is the completed piece.


It’s pretty small, maybe 36″ x 40″. I really need to learn to work larger, but then I wouldn’t be able to finish them as fast either.

Now I just need to think of a name.

Update: I’ve named this piece “Reaching.”

7 Responses

  1. Lynn Lambert

    It looks like an abstract of looking out a skyscraper window and seeing the skyscraper across the street. your assembly design makes it a modern log cabin. I like it!

  2. Laura Gottlieb

    This piece is stunning, Maria! And to think it all started with strips! Amazing!

  3. Brenda Johnson

    I love the color scheme. It turned out great!!! How about Jacob’s Ladder?

  4. Laura Tawney

    Great piece. I asked my husband and he saw skyscrapers and I saw different tracks of life.

    • Maria

      That’s the second person who saw skyscrapers. I don’t live near a big city, so that would not have occurred to me.

  5. Barbara

    I also saw city windows – looking between the far left and right strips as the closest buildings down a street with the building at the end catching the light.