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wordpressI haven’t been quilting, but I’ve been very busy. Maybe you’ve noticed a difference? I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my website. Well, actually websites but more about that later.

I’ve had this website since 1999, back when I had to type HTML all by hand. Briefly, everything changed to ASP files (I forgot about those!), and then all of a sudden everything was PHP, but I was still typing it all by hand. Finally in 2010, I converted my website to a WordPress site. Of course, I didn’t know anything about WordPress so I made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve lived with those mistakes for 3-1/2 years.

Purposefulgift.comFor the last year or so I’ve been meaning to make some changes, but I just didn’t want to take the time. In July, DD#2 asked me to help her start a website of her own, Purposeful Gift. Her website is geared towards promoting organ, tissue, and whole body donation expectant families who have received a terminal diagnoses.

Helping her get the website up and running was fun. It made me start thinking. It gave me ideas. I knew I needed to get to work on my own.

calvarydayton.comI actually maintain three different websites. If I was going to convert one, I thought I probably should convert all three, so I started with the smallest one, the one for my church, Calvary Chapel of Dayton. I encountered a few glitches, but I enjoyed the process and was happy with the results, so I decided to keep on going!

lostquilt.comNext on the chopping block was the Lost Quilt Come Home website. More glitches (thank you, Jeremiah, for troubleshooting for me!), but more fun, too. I was tempted to take a break and do a little quilting, but I knew I better tackle my own site while I could still remember how to do it. So, here is my new site. More streamlined. Simpler. And hopefully easier to maintain and keep updated.


I’m happy that I finally have a proper front page and a separate blog page. I still have some other changes I want to make, mainly to the galleries, but I won’t be able to get to that for a few days. In the meantime, please let me know if you see any glitches. I’m very open to input.

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  1. Debbie Arrington

    Maria, the website looks beautiful! It seems very user-friendly and easy to navigate, but the appearance is awesome. Good job!

  2. Debbie Arrington

    Forgot to leave my “constructive” feedback! Check the wording on your copyright notice. The tense is incorrect for “reproduce” and “manipulate.”

  3. Brenda Johnson

    The site looks great, Maria. Thought this sounded like a good time to ask a technical question. Is there a way I can sign up to get an email each time you add to your blog? I would like that.

    • Maria

      Thanks for the reminder, Brenda. I’ve added a Subscription heading on the blog page which contains the option to subscribe by RSS feed or by email. You can see it on this page, http://mariaelkins.com/blog/, right under the DVD image.

  4. Brenda Johnson

    Thanks, Maria! It worked well. I will look forward to not missing a beat with your blog now. 🙂