Where to go next?

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pushup04-01With a bow to you red-lovers (you know who you are, Sharon!), after Push-up #3 I was ready to move to some colors I was a bit more comfortable with, without defaulting to blue, of course. I saw a cool photo of a weathered, wooden fence that had turned beautiful shades of gray, and along the top edge it was covered with bright green moss. I started with some of those same colors, but extended them into lighter and darker versions. Then I decided to add a complementary color. After looking at the yellow-green hue on Munsell color wheel (see the July 27 post), I decided to add its complement, purple.

I spent the afternoon happily cutting strips and sewing them together until I had a nice stack of pretty stripes. The question is, where do I go from here?

As much as I believe it is good to try to step outside my comfort zone, I won’t pretend that it’s easy. But, I know that’s the only way I’m going to learn and grow (or groan!). If all goes well, I hope to tackle this tomorrow.

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  1. Ms Lottie

    You really are building muscles with this lot of work you are doing. I’m hugely impressed and inspired. Time I went and did some push-ups of my own!

  2. Ed Chamness

    What about a bargello effect? I would do it in PhotoShop or from a paper print first, but I am neither brave nor self-confident…I am really loving your experimentation…

    • Maria

      LOL! I’m pretty sure I’ve never made a bargello quilt either. Man! I better get busy!

  3. Stacy Hurt

    I have just discovered that out of my entire stash only about 1% is solids. WTH? I’m going to try and cull some materials that ‘read’ as a solid just to try this excersize. Very inspiring. I wish you had a WIP on the red one. I’d love to see how that was constructed! (but i totally understand if you’re saving it for a class)

    • Maria

      Stacy, my stash was just like yours before I took my first class with Nancy Crow, and in that particular class she only allowed solids. So in addition to getting to take the workshop, I also got to go shopping! Now I have a whole shelf full of solids (see the last photo on this page). As for WIP photos, I did take a couple. I’ll do a quick blog post for you. I just didn’t think of including them before.

    • Maria

      I waited until there was a Black Friday sale. I think it was a 30 or 40% discount, so I bought a lot. The link to my bookshelf of my Kona cottons shows those fabrics plus I’ve been adding to them anytime there’s a good sale. I just did the post on #3 WIP.