Push-up #5: Partial progress

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pushup05-02Sometimes it helps to make a public commitment! After I finished putting myself on the spot in my post yesterday, I promptly went into my studio and sliced a couple chunks off of one of the pieced strips. I pieced several of them together with black strips between each one. (I love how vibrant colors look against a black background.) Then I did some more with white.

Next, I got out a stack of polka dot fabrics that I bought last month. I purposely got 10 or 12 black and white polka dot fabrics of different sizes with the intention of using them in some of these push ups. A little fussy cutting and you can do some fun things with polka dots!

This is where I stopped last night at about 9 PM.

I think I will make this about two or three times wider than it is right now, but at least I’ve made a start. I might get to squeeze in another hour or two today or tomorrow, but otherwise, I hope to finish it on Tuesday, so stay tuned!

7 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I love what you did with these pieces Maria! The polkadots really add something special to the piece. And I love how the one set of polka dots look like a .. . ugh can’t think of the name – the bumpy edging. Wow the brain is going! hahaha Great job. How big is this piece?

    • Maria

      Lisa, the strips I’m using are selvage to selvage, so it’s roughly 42″ long and maybe 20″ wide or so.

  2. Ed Chamness

    Looking good…the black & white is really working with this…

  3. Brenda Johnson

    So fun to watch you create, step by step! Cool. I understand having accountability and how it helps. Do you happen to have any posts that show how to do that wavy stripe without making it turn out bumpy? I’ve never done it and thought I should have some knowledge before going crazy with the rotary cutter. It looks fun to try, though.

    • Maria

      Brenda, which specific wavy stripe are you referring to, or do you just mean wavy lines in general? I could do a tutorial.