Push-up #5: Perseverance

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pushup05-04Push-up #5 is complete! Finally! I’m calling Push-up #5 “Perseverance” because I kept having other things crop up that demanded my attention so I had to keep making new deadlines. I’m glad it’s finally done! Somehow I need to figure out a better way to balance all of my commitments so I can still have time for quilting.

Despite the roadblocks, I enjoyed making this piece. It was based on simple strip piecing and restructuring. I just tried to think of different ways to combine the strips so that each section is a little different. I was also trying to create a piece that was balanced without being symmetrical.

I had lots of fun playing with the polka dot fabrics too. I will definitely use them more in the future. In this piece, I kept the color scheme to four simple colors, which was also a good challenge. It forced me to have to rely on other principles of design such as repetition and variety.

With this one finally behind me (until it comes time to quilt it!), I’m on to the next challenge!

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