Push-up #5: Pushing forward

pushup05-01So these sections of pieced strips have been hanging on my design wall for a couple weeks now, mocking me, taunting me, begging me to get my head in gear and cut them to pieces.

I ignored them this morning while I did a multitude of other small tasks, but no longer. I am announcing to all of you that as soon as I finish posting, I am going to take a rotary cutter to them and teach them! And, by tomorrow (or Monday at the latest), I will post again with whatever happens to them, whether good or bad.


One thing I haven’t mentioned yet was that on August 28 I had the opportunity to speak to another local quilt guild, Creative Quilters’ Guild. I’ve known quite a few of these ladies for years now, so it was a lot of fun getting the opportunity to share my quilts, my ideas about experimenting, my struggles, and even some of my failures. I always enjoy showing my first two quilts so they can all see where I started my quiltmaking journey, because I started out pretty much like a lot of other quilters.

Lion Quilt, 1985
Lion Quilt, 1985
Feathered Star, 1991
Feathered Star, 1991

4 Responses

  1. Lisa

    Nothing like getting something done by making yourself accountable to a post! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  2. Stacy Hurt

    SO inspiring! Can’t wait to see what comes out. I’m struggling to get motivated to finish a commissioned t-shirt quilt. Time to go do the back.