Windblown is a Zoom Quilt

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Windblown on is a Zoom Quilt on The Quilt ShowCathy Geier of Patchworks that Praise tipped me off. Apparently Windblown is a Zoom Quilt on The Quilt Show. While I had never even heard of Zoom Quilts, it is pretty cool. When you got to their website (, you can move your cursor over the image and see a detailed close-up of the stitching.

If you’re using an iPad or other mobile device, there’s a special link off to the right. Under that, there’s also a like to enlarge the image.

It looks like photo was take at the 2011 International Quilt Festival in Houston, so it is not a perfect picture, but you can still get a pretty good look.

Well, that was a nice surprise this morning 🙂

  1. Sharon

    I saw your quilt at the quilt show (either Chicago or Cincinnati) in person. It’s wonderful! So astounding to see the detail. Thanks for sharing it!