Design Seeds

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design-seeds-moonlight-blueIn August, I told you about the Color Palette Generator, a website that allows you to upload a photo and then it gives you fifteen colors found in that picture. Now I want to tell you about Design Seeds. Every day, it features two photos along with a palette of six colors. If you’re looking for a fresh way to pick an interesting color combination, you might really enjoy exploring this site. Or, if you are interested in color theory, you might like examining each sampling and determining which color scheme is being used. For instance, the image to the left is clearly monochromatic. As you consider each one, you’ll also find complementary color schemes and analogous color schemes, but you’ll also run across some surprising combinations that don’t clearly fit into established color theory. That’s what is so wonderful about color. There are so many ways to approach it, and the more you look, the more surprises you find!