Fall clean-up

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studio-cleaning-07Returning from a Nancy Crow workshop is always a good reason to do a thorough studio clean-up. I obviously haven’t figured out how to keep control over the clutter. I know I’m supposed to clean up as I go, but somehow I still end up with piles and stacks and general disarray. I’d like to think I’m getting better, but that is debatable.

The trouble all starts with the entrance to my studio, which is really the back half of our family room. There is a narrow passageway past an arm chair that often gets clogged up with fabric ready to wash or fold, or books to put back, or some other form of procrastination. But, there are plenty of other problem areas. Basically, any flat surface including the floor gets an equal opportunity for holding various quilt clutter.

Thankfully, things weren’t in total disarray this time, so I actually found it rather relaxing putting everything away last week. I got some more pre-washed Kona cotton folded and put away, too. Now everything is ready for me to get busy with making more Push-ups.

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  1. Joan

    I find that having to pick up after myself really restricts the flow of my creativity. I like to let things fall where they may. But, about half way into a project, I realize that the fact that I can’t find anything is not only restrictive to my flow, but it just adds frustration on top of it. When will I learn?