Machine Quilting Unlimited, November/December 2013 issue

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mqu-nov-dec-2013-1aThis weekend’s mail brought the November/December 2013 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. Inside is my article on labeling quilts which, after nearly 15 years of maintaining the Lost Quilt Come Home website (, is a topic very near and dear to me. I jumped at the chance to write this article for them.

While I was writing the article, I revised a couple of articles and blog posts that I had written in the past, updating them and adding new information. In the article, I not only give reasons why everyone should label their quilts and what basic information should go on a quilt label, but I also give ideas for different ways to create unique labels.

mqu-nov-dec-2013-1bDuring my writing process, I also spent time photographing all of the labels on my own quilts to use as illustrations for the various ideas I presented in the article. As I was taking those photos, I realized that it probably would be a good idea to make that a standard practice for all of my future quilts. I already make time to take really good photos of the front of the quilt, and sometimes I flip them over and take photos of the quilting from the back, but having a record of what is actually on each label could prove useful if one of my quilts ever come up missing.

mqu-nov-dec-2013-1cIf you need ideas on how to make labels for your own quilts, be sure to pick up a copy of this magazine. It’s full of other useful information, too.


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  1. JanetT

    I subscribe to this magazine and will look forward to reading your article when my issue arrives.

  2. Marci Utt

    I absolutely loved your article on labels. Well written. I was reading the article in my Machine Quilting Magazine and really enjoying it. I was surprised to find out that you were a local person to the Miami Valley. (I am from Troy, OH) There is lots of good information in your article.
    I would love to share your article with people that visit my LongArm quilting Web site.
    Please e-mail me and let me know what is the proper way to do this.
    Marci Utt of AWE Sew LLC