Ohio Valley Quilters’ Guild

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ovqg-1Yesterday was a great day. I was able to teach my Making Faces workshop to a really great group of ladies from the Ohio Valley Quilters’ Guild in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Usually, sweet hubby comes along to help me, but he was busy with some important church projects, so DD#1 came along instead. It was fun to have her there because I actually use a photo of her in the PowerPoint presentation I use to teach my technique. I also provide a photo of her to students if they are unable to give me one of their own.

Yesterday’s class did a terrific job with their photos, don’t you think? A few of the ladies are still working on theirs, but many left with finished portraits.

Thank you, ladies for taking my workshop!

This is the same quilt guild that I spoke to in March of 2012. Originally, we had this workshop scheduled later that same month, but the very next day after I did my lecture, my husband had his stroke. I ended up having to cancel the original workshop, to concentrate on helping my husband. We are so thankful for how well he has recovered during the past 18 months. I was also very thankful when OVQG gave me a second chance to teach this workshop to them.

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    I always love to look at the results from your making faces classes. Thanks for sharing. (I’m especially impressed that the one that did a double portrait completed it in class! That was an accomplishment.)

    • Maria

      Zoe was nearly done with her double portrait at the end of class. She went home and finished it there. Then she emailed me the finished picture. She did a great job with those twin sisters!