Batty Binders Quilt Guild

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bbqg-4Another fun day! Today I spent the whole day teaching about color. Next to making portraits, playing with color is one of my favorite things to do. Fifteen ladies from the Batty Binders Quilt Guild came today, and I had the opportunity to talk about the color wheel, color schemes, value, and so many other things. Everyone brought squares of fabric to share, and each person went home with their own fabric color wheel, as well as samples of the different color schemes.

I brought a bunch of my quilts as examples of the different color schemes, as well as examples of things that went right and things that went wrong (and why). I even got to show them the November 14 deadline quilt that I just finished (giggle), which is actually quite appropriate since it is all about values.

Once again, I’m feeling rather nostalgic because there were several ladies in this class who took a Making Faces workshop with me in August 2011. It’s always nice to be able to catch up with people again. There’s something about being a quilter that connects you, even over the span of distance or time.

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  1. Glenda Tron

    Maria, Thank you so much for today’s class. Today was the first time that I “truly” focused on the color wheel. Your definitions and explanations of color relationships have me thinking about what to look and plan for in future projects. I’m happy to have the color wheel and color schemes that we created in class today for reference. It was so much fun creating them. I hope to see you again soon; I’m thinking a faces/portrait class is calling me…in my future.

  2. Rita Hollenbacher

    What a great day! It made me realize that there are reasons some fabrics look “right” together and others don’t . Making our own color wheel really brought it home for me.
    Yes, I want to do the face class, again!!!
    Thank you!!

  3. Linnette

    Maria, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise in color with us today as well as your beautiful quilt examples. We are already looking forward to sharing another day with you in the portrait class. Linnette