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cqg-03Last Saturday, November 9, I got to teach my Making Faces workshop to a bunch of local quilters, the Creative Quilters Guild.

This workshop was especially fun for me because we held it at our church where sweet hubby is the pastor and at least three of these special ladies were in the very first workshop I ever taught in June 2009. They were willing guinea pigs the first time around, and they came back for seconds! How cool is that?

So we laughed and chatted and snacked and worked. Some were still finishing theirs when the class ended, but just look at what these ladies made!

Thank you, all, for taking my class and giving me a second chance!

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  1. Beth H

    Thank you Maria for your excellent instructions and patience. Also, your sweater rental, pretzels, and tylenol. Thank you also to the woman who helped me with my ailment. After a 3 day stay in the hospital after returning home it was determined my ailment was a result of the 5K I had rushed thru that morning. It usually happens to marathon runners, which i will never be. Thank you all for your help. I am on the mend and plan to finish the assembly of mine today. I hope to be able to take more classes from you in the future Maria. It was a wonderful day.

    • Maria

      Thanks, Beth! I enjoyed having you in my class, and I’m SO glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Brenda Johnson

    Maria, I would love to take another class sometime too. Do you ever give one for free motion quilting alone? I would love to learn from you on that subject, especially after seeing windblown in person. Wow. If you give one, sign me up!

    • Maria

      I’ve never taught free motion quilting yet. I guess I would need another group of guinea pigs 😉

  3. Karen G

    I loved learning a new technique. Thanks Maria for your patience and taking the time to teach us. I learned a lot and love the portrait of my grandson.

  4. Brenda Johnson

    This is one time I wouldn’t mind being called a pig. Anyone else out there interested? 🙂 How many would you need? “Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!” (I would love it in winter after the holidays and could host it at our church in Castine, near Arcanum.)

    • Maria

      A smaller group of guinea pigs would probably be better — have you ever tried to herd guinea pigs? 😉 I don’t know. Maybe 6 – 10?

      • Brenda Johnson

        OK. I’ve heard-ed cats, so I may try. I’ll let you know if I catch any.

  5. Sandy V

    It was so fun, Maria, seeing Dad come to life again! He was patient with his wife and and 4 daughters leaving threads everywhere when sewing, and now I was privileged to put life into fabric and threads for his portrait with your help. Your workshop was terrific and it was fun to be an original “guinea pig”, too!