I’m still giggling

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pushup02-05A funny thing happened to me this week, and I’m still giggling over it! The last two weeks have been crazy. One week, just about everything we had planned got rescheduled or replaced. Then I got sick for two days. I was feeling better when I taught last Saturday but still not quite 100%.

Anyway, in the midst of all that, I got an email from a friend about an upcoming show. She urged me to “hunker down” and get some work done. The deadline was November 14. I got excited. I really respect this person, and I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I pushed aside some things and worked very hard this week in all my spare time. Sweet hubby took over some extra chores so I could have more time.

pushup02-06I picked one of my favorite already completed quilt tops and worked very hard to get it quilted. I had it sandwiched, pin basted, and the main lines quilted on Monday. I couldn’t work on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I had all the background areas quilted and started in on the foreground. I finished the quilting on Thursday after lunch, trimmed it, attached facing and pinned it to the back. Just before dinner, I set up my portable design wall in the back yard and photographed it. Yeah! I made the November 14 deadline!

I went back to the computer to read the rest of the instructions so I could submit it online. Imagine my chagrin when it finally sunk in that the deadline is November 14, 2014! I’m a whole year early!!!

Nevertheless, Push-up #2 is finally complete, and I’m happy.