Preparation Day

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acceptance-06Today is preparation day. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, and I’m thrilled that sweet hubby and I will be surrounded by our beloved family: my mom, DD#1 and her hubby, and expectant DD#2 and her hubby. Being surrounded by family is one of my favorite things. While I look forward to serving them special foods, I don’t want to be stressed out and in the kitchen the whole time either, so I’ll be spending time today getting many of the dishes ready ahead of time.

I was thankful that I finished painting this quilt top yesterday, so today will be a time of preparation for it, too. I’ll be choosing a backing fabric and basting everything together. If all goes well, I may even get to quilt the major outlines, too. Dare I dream that I might even be able to get further?

Oh, wait. I completely forgot about something I have to do in the afternoon. That’s okay. There’s no reason to rush.

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  1. Ed Chamness

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with the family…the quilt is looking great…looking forward to seeing it completed…

  2. susan schaller

    You are very productive and we reap the benefits of viewing and enjoying your endeavors! Lovely, poignant painting. Which acrylics are u using or are they pigments? Love to hear your process.

    • Maria

      Susan, I’m using the Tsukineko All-Purpose inks again, along with the Fabrico markers.

      • susan schaller

        Do you thin them down with a medium to achieve that ethereal effect ? Obviously, u haven’t lost your touch and have the technique well-established.

      • Maria

        The background is done wet on wet. Some areas are mixed with Jacquard colorless extender. Some areas are applied using a dry brush technique.