“Windblown” just sold!

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"Windblown" by Maria Elkins“Windblown” just sold!

That was the subject line of the email I received yesterday. My heart skipped a beat. Inside the email was one simple line:

“Karey Bresenhan purchased it.”

Karey is the founder of the International Quilt Association.

Windblown is currently on tour with a special exhibit for the book, “Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits.” Last week it was on display at the very first venue of the tour, the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. So, I was amazed that it sold so quickly!

I promptly emailed Karey Bresenhan to thank her for purchasing my quilt. In a very short time, she responded by saying, “I love it and am thrilled to have gotten it, Maria! I have always admired your work, and it’s a joy to claim one of your pieces for our corporate collection.”

In a subsequent email, she said that their collecting did not have any “people” quilts, so they were specifically wanting to add one from the special exhibit. I am absolutely thrilled that Karey purchased my quilt. I know it will be well taken care of!

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  1. Betty Jo Tatum

    Congratulations on this wonderful news. I was so happy to have been able to see this quilt in person. Let’s hear it for art quilts! LOL

  2. DD#2

    So happy for you!!! You are amazing and I’m so happy her purchased it!

  3. Lisa

    Congratulations Maria!!!!! That is a wonderful bit of news and as you said, your quilt will be well cared for.

  4. Kristin Freeman

    “Windblown” is a favorite of mine – great news that she is going to live under Karey’s watchful eye. Congratulations, Maria

  5. Martha Ginn

    It’s a fantastic quilt–love that it’s on the cover of the book. This proves that Karey has good taste, doesn’t it??!! But we knew that. Congratulations!

  6. Gladys

    I am thrilled for you. I have admired your work for a long time. Hoorah!

  7. Susan

    Congratulations on the sale. It could not have gone to a better home.

  8. Bethany Garner

    Maria… your quilt is so very special and the fact that it will reside permanently in the IQF Corporate Collection is monumental and wonderful. This quilt represents all that is so very wonderful about this ART quilt movement – the quilting is perfection, the artful coloration and representation of the quilt world in the quilting is stunning. Just look at the expression on this woman’s face…breathing, looking forward and smiling! Hooray for Karey – one very wise business woman!Enjoy the ride…

  9. Bethany Garner

    Hi Maria…
    How wonderful that your beautiful quilt is to become part of the permanent collection of IQF and Karey Bresenhan. The quilt is stunning, represents all that is wonderful about the ART quilt movement and is so skillfully executed. Links to the quilt world that stepped before us in your quilting and the beauty of the woman – breathing, looking forward and smiling says it all. Many congratulations. Hoping to see this quilt in March when I visit Texas.

  10. mariilyn wall

    Congratulations Maria, it is beautiful. I was able to see it two years ago and again this year. Time spent in front of this beautiful piece is time well spent. You are right it will be well taken care of.

  11. Marie Drozdis

    Congratulations. It is a gorgeous art quilt. I hope I can see it in the flesh someday. You never cease to amaze me.

  12. Brenda Johnson

    An honor, I’m sure! Congrats. Where will it be displayed? (I’m unfamiliar with IQF and the buyer.)We need visitation rights, right? I am so glad I happened by to see it in person. It is gorgeous, but in person, it is phenomenal!

    • Maria

      I’m not sure, yet. I now the exhibition will go to Birmingham, England. I don’t know where else. Once the exhibition is finished, it will be part if IQA’s corporate collection. I know Karey started a quilt museum in Texas (http://www.texasquiltmuseum.org), so it’s possible it could be displayed there at some point.

      • Brenda Johnson

        I hope you get visitation rights! (…like sending a child off into the world!) I wondered if it was hard for you to let go of it. It was so precious.

  13. Sandy Snowden

    Oh Hurrah for you! And to the best person on the planet to own it as well!
    I am very glad for you Maria.
    All the best,
    Sandy in the UK

  14. Heather P

    Congratulations, Maria! I was the lucky one at the SAQA booth who got to take Carrie’s money for the piece. I am so pleased for you!

  15. Connie Carrington

    Oh Maria, this is wonderful! And the best part is that people will continue seeing it in Karey’s corporate space, hopefully in the museum. Congratulations to you on your outstanding piece!

  16. Francyne Willby

    I am so happy for you! I have long admired this quilt as well as the other work of yours that I have seen. It is quite an honor to have sold it to Karey.