Push-up #6 begun

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pushup06-01I began Push-Up #6 during our little private retreat earlier this month. I’ve stabbed at it a little at a time over the past two weeks, between all the other holiday activities. I’d like to finish it by tomorrow, so I thought if I blogged about it, I’d be held accountable. It began with this Michael Miller “Ring Dot” fabric. I wondered how many different ways I could cut it up to use the “dot” so it no longer looked like the original fabric.

pushup06-02I think I’ve run into a problem, however, because I haven’t really introduced any new colors. I’ve stuck to a limited range of teals with chocolate brown. It just seems like it will be too teal. I tried adding some tan and cream, but those just didn’t seem to work very well. This afternoon I’m going to try to add some muted grays with a teal overcast, and maybe a few really light grays or whites, too. It’s time to “hunker down” and get some work done!

dh-dishwasherBut first, I want to publicly brag on my amazing hubby. My dishwasher hasn’t been cleaning very well, and this past week it seemed like the top rack wasn’t getting washed at all. I was afraid we would have to hand over the plastic and replace it, but first sweet hubby decided to tinker around. He watched a few minutes of a YouTube video, pulled out is tools, and in less than an hour he had taken it apart and was cleaning out some chopper thingy. No wonder it wasn’t working! In addition to the typical food junk, there were about a dozen toothpicks clogging everything up. What a blessing that he is so talented at fixing things — my top rack dishes will be clean again!