Review of 2013

My familyIt’s nice to look back and reflect a bit, so here’s my short review of 2013. Thankfully it was a bit less eventful than 2012.

There were several things I split my attention between.

  • I spent quite a bit of time speaking and teaching at numerous quilt guilds across the country. Sweet hubby and I traveled to California, Des Moines, Decatur, and all over Ohio. I’ve included the long trips in my review below, but not the local trips.
  • I entered more quilt shows than usual. Most shows want quilts less than two years old, which meant I wanted to maximize my limited amount of time that I could show “Windblown.” I was thankful and pleased that it won several notable awards throughout the year.
  • I also tried to continue my focus of growing as an artist. That often involved trying to work more improvisationally. I concentrated on creating quilt tops, but I’ve postponed quilting most of them until later.

I’m looking forward to a new year of learning and growing as an artist. In addition, we are excited that our family will be growing by one. DD#2 is expecting a baby girl in May!