Thumbs are important

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thumbI thought I would have most of the day to quilt today, but life often intervenes around here. I got up early and thought I’d get a jump on the day by making a couple of broccoli quiches. That way, breakfast would be taken care of for several days. I also made a huge pot of soup so that lunches would be taken care of, too. (I’m so thankful sweet hubby doesn’t mind eating the same thing several days in a row!)

Since I used the broccoli florets in my quiche, I had the broccoli stems left over. I decided to use my brand new mandolin slicer to prepare the stems for soup. Let me say, it works beautifully! So well, in fact, that I decided to slice a block of mozzarella cheese that was in the refrigerator. I can now say, that mozzarella cheese is not a good candidate for the mandolin. I didn’t use the protective guard because my block of cheese was too big. But at one point, the rubbery cheese gave way, and I managed to take a slice off the tip of my thumb!

Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt much, but I immediately decided I was taking the rest of the day off to nap and watch movies. I’m sure my thumb will heal just fine, but I may have to come up with some very creative ways to do things for a while.

So, here’s my tip for the day: if the bandage on your finger keeps falling off, cut a fingertip off of a latex glove and slip it over the top. (Thank you, Laura, for the great tip!) It works wonderfully, plus it keeps random water off, like when you try to wash the dishes later.

I’m not sure how much quilting I’m going to get done this week, though. I’ll have to see how clumsy I am in the studio tomorrow.

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  1. DD#2

    Ohhh Momma – I feel so bad for you. When we spoke today you didn’t tell me you cut your thumb with the mandolin slicer – just that you cut it. Somehow that makes things so much worse. HUGS for you!

  2. Jacqueline

    Ya veo, la mandolina va bien para los alimentos pero no para los dedos!! Un abrazo

    I see, mandolin fits for food but not for fingers! A hug

  3. Ed Chamness

    Just seeing the picture, I thought you had gone overboard in re-arranging the “Push Up” components…take care of that wound…