Coming up for air

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The waterfalls of En Gedi
The waterfalls of En Gedi
I think I’m finally coming up for air! A week or so ago my sweet hubby and I, along with eight others from our church, returned from an 12-day tour of Israel. What an amazing time! But, I’m obviously not as young as the other two times we went. This trip really wore me out. We walked miles and miles every single day, so how did I actually gain five pounds on this trip?

The trip home was an adventure all its own because we flew through Newark in the midst of all the weather-induced flight cancellations. We arrived from Tel Aviv at 4 in the morning, only to be told our connecting flight was cancelled and the soonest we could leave would be 2-1/2 days later. Every rental car and hotel was booked. It was God’s mercy and the tireless help of two wonderful United employees who finally got us to within a three hour drive of home and only 15 hours behind schedule. Then we were blessed by others in our church who selflessly changed all their plans to come pick up our group of ten. As wonderful as it is to travel to exotic places, I love my own home best!

I spent this last week trying to catch up on sleep, my emails, the bills, and a hundred other things. I think I’m finally getting close to being back to normal, other than my body persisting in waking up at weird times. Maybe I’ll even be reunited with my sewing machine soon!

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    Only one question. Did you pack anything in Tupperware? 🙂 Welcome home. (You don’t need to post. I just couldn’t resist!)

    • Maria

      LOL! Yes, I always pack my toothbrush, toothpaste, and other personal items in a blue, oval “stuffable.” 🙂