Tupperware in my studio: part 1

tupperware07-01Many years ago when DD#2 was just an infant, I used to sell Tupperware. I’m still a big fan. Now that we are just a household of two, I don’t need as much Tupperware in my kitchen so it’s an extra bonus that some of it has found its way into my studio. Most people know that I’m also very fond of the color blue. In an effort to minimize the number of things I buy, I’ve made it a game to try to only buy blue things. Sometimes, I entertain myself by searching eBay for blue Tupperware, especially rare blue pieces I’ve never seen before.

Sometimes I can justify buying an especially interesting piece if I can find a good use for it in my studio. Certain pieces work so well that I thought they might be helpful for other quilters, too. In that spirit, over the next several posts, I’m going to share some of the blue Tupperware I find useful. Just be aware that very few of these, if any, are currently available from your Tupperware dealer. If you want one of them, too, you would need to search eBay, garage sales, or thrift stores, but many helpful items are readily available, often at extremely reasonable prices, especially if you’re not particular about color. Also, since most of these were used when I purchased them, I don’t always know the official Tupperware name for them, but usually the eBay seller doesn’t either! (However, if you do, let me know. I love little trivial tidbits like that.)

I started thinking about blogging about this topic because I recently adopted a new blue friend. When I sold Tupperware in late ’80’s, this item was being offered in gray. I’ve also seen them in black, but I had not seen it in indigo blue before, so I had to come up with some justification for buying it.

tupperware07-02This little box is 8″ by 5″ by 4-1/2″ high. It is made up of three stacking trays and a cover. Each tray is divided up into different sections so they are perfect for sorting lots of little things. I’ve decided to keep it right next to my sewing machine at home so I can have all of my essentials at my fingertips.

tupperware07-03So far I’ve filled the first tray with extra bobbins and extra needles, my free motion foot, the thimbles I don’t want to lose, a little screw driver, some small scissors, and a couple of seam rippers. In the second tray, I have a flexible ruler, some Lapel Stick, a tape measure, and rotary cutter blades. In the bottom tray I put my favorite pens for fabric, an extending magnetic picker-upper, small rotary cutters and rulers. I imagine items will rotate in and out for a while until I decide what will be the most useful to keep next to the sewing machine, but I’m happy to have a new organizing gadget to play with.

4 Responses

  1. Ed

    That is a “neat” idea…I use the box that is the detachable surround to use the machine on a tabletop rather than in the cabinet, but it isn’t all that handy except for slots for bobbins and a dozen or so slots for feet…Tupperware parties were one of the big “social” events for farm community women in western Kansas when I was in high school and like fabric with quilters, I imagine the slogan was “The One Who Dies with the Most Tupperware Wins”…

  2. Brenda Johnson

    Your mention of the magnetic extender picker-upper made me think of something I would like to pass along. I have one of those extension ‘grabber’ things in my sewing room too. (Maybe two foot long and two tong-like fingers on the end.) It is great when I drop whatever and it is down under where no human over age 22 can reach…under the cabinet, etc. I used it a lot last year with my back surgery (not supposed to bend over) but I have 2 now. One for sewing and one in the laundry room to get the things that fall behind the washer and dryer. Great tool. (And Maria, one of them is BLUE!) 🙂