Tupperware in my studio: part 3

tupperware03-01I love to use this piece of Tupperware whenever I have to pack up my stuff for a workshop that I am taking. I think it may have originally been called “Lunch ‘N Things.” The largest center section could fit a sandwich and the left hand section would probably fit a juice box. If you’re searching eBay, I’ve seen them described as a “Tupperware sandwich keeper” or a “Tupperware craft box.”

tupperware03-02Whatever you call it, it is perfect for packing up all the little odds and ends that you need for a workshop. It is 11-1/2″ by 6-1/2″ by 3″. It is convenient to open it up and set it right next to your sewing machine while you work. I usually keep it open and then set my larger scissors and rotary cutter on the lid.

tupperware03-03Right now I have it filled with an eyeglass repair kit, brushes to clean my machine, a screwdriver to remove the presser plate so I can clean my machine, a seam ripper, a small pair of scissors, thread snips, some hand needles, and a thimble.

tupperware03-04I also keep some pain reliever (highly recommended for any Nancy Crow workshop!) in Tupperware midgets, spare rotary blades, non-staining hand lotion, Lapel Stick, a tape measure, extra sewing machine needles in three sizes, and pre-moistened wipes for my glasses.

This is another one of those pieces that I like because it is so slim and compact. It easily slips into my carry bag or suitcase. I like it so much I have two.