Coloring Grandma’s Garden

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Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria ElkinsBetween all my regular activities this weekend, I finally finished “Coloring Grandma’s Garden.”

I fiddled with the binding because I wanted the little strip of pink to be very straight and even before I added the black and white binding. I put the hanging sleeve on as usual, but when it came time to make the label, I decided to surround it by another Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt block. It’s really a cheater block, though, because it is not really pieced of multiple hexagons. It is just a single piece of fabric cut to the right shape and appliqued around the label.

When everything was done, I slipped my 6 foot dry wall ruler through the sleeve and temporarily hung it on my living room wall so DD#2 and I could sit back and analyze it. At that point, we decided I needed to add a bit of color around the flowers on the bottom edge so they would showed up better. I pulled out some fabric markers and fiddled with that a bit, and I think it helped. I might even add a bit more here and there. In any case, I’m declaring this quilt done (or at least very nearly done)!

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  1. Ed Chamness

    Any chance it;s for the Miami Valley Quilters Guild show May 2-3?

    • Maria

      Yep, I filled out an entry form for the MVQG show. Realized today that I missed the NQA deadline, however. Oh, well! Maybe next year.

  2. Brenda Johnson

    I’d say this is done just in time for Easter! The girls are in their bonnets and ready to celebrate.

    • Maria

      I think the photo was taken on Easter Sunday that year, probably 1992. My daughters would have been 7 and 5.