DIY moby wrap

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mobywrap1aDD#2 is 39-1/2 weeks pregnant and we are eager for little Hazel to arrive, but there was one last thing we wanted to do. DD#2 wanted a moby wrap, which is basically just a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around you to hold your baby. They’re a little pricey. We figured we could make a couple of them for a fraction of the cost of just one. I bought a length of PFD cotton jersey from Dharma Trading. We cut off a section, tapered the ends, and hemmed the edges. Then came the fun part.

Mixing the soda solutionI’ve done very little dyeing, but I have all the supplies and I was happy to use them. I covered my kitchen with plastic because I’m messy, and I pulled out my book, “Color by Accident,” so I would have a recipe to follow.

Fabric sitting in dyesShe arranged the fabric in a plastic bin and I mixed up three colors. She poured it all in, and I was so afraid we had made a mistake!

Finished moby wrapWe laughed and giggled and hoped for the best. After an hour I dumped it all in my washing machine and hoped it wouldn’t just all mix together and come out black. Happily, it came out pretty good. I can’t wait to see little Hazel snuggled up inside!

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  1. DD#2

    SOOOOO Happy with how it came out! Really glad that we didn’t buy one and made one instead. Thanks for the help. It was fun! Can’t wait to use it!

  2. Brenda Johnson

    One important question after reading this and checking out the pictures….has she dropped? Hope Hazel is safely on her way soon! 😀