Transforming UFOs

nc2-proj3part9I’m still working on this UFO, although I haven’t had too much time to work on it the last two days. It does appear that I am making progress on transforming this from a “UFO” to a completed project. Here’s where it stands right now. I think I have three sections left to design and then I can finish sewing the whole thing together. At this rate, maybe another day or two (…or three).

4 Responses

  1. Ed Chamness

    Are you combining all of the quarters of circular blocks into one large piece…makes for interesting compositions and comparisons…

    • Maria

      Yes, that’s right, Ed. In the end there will be four “circles” all sewn together. I’ve been having fun trying to arrange the quarters so there are parts that connect with the section next to it, just to keep the viewer’s eye moving around the piece.

  2. Catherine

    I Like this a lot. I think there is so much to look at and so much happening for the viewer.