UFO no more!

Foreign Language #2 by Maria ElkinsAnother UFO — no more!!! Somehow, finishing this piece seems like a major accomplishment. Of course, you realize, I’m using the term “finished” in the sense that the quilt top is finished, but it’s still just a top. I’m not sure I can even use the term “quilt top” since it isn’t quilted! So technically, some would say it’s still a UFO but I don’t care. I’ll consider this finished until it’s time to quilt it. And if you followed that line of reasoning, I applaud you!

I woke up early and sewed the last seam at about 5:30 this morning. I spent a bit of time pressing the seams. Then I actually picked up the rugs in the kitchen and swept the floor just so I could photograph my finished piece. That’s how excited I am. I never sweep the floor (sweet hubby does), and I certainly never pick up the rugs and sweep under them. But, it makes no sense getting my brand new quilt top dirty, so one must make certain sacrifices.

Sometimes it’s fun to see the progression all in one place. Here are a few of the stages:

I’ll sit and gaze at this a while, but not for long because I have still another UFO in a box that I want to finish off.

4 Responses

  1. Brenda Johnson

    Prepare yourself for when you get that last one done….then you might just wonder, what will I do now?!? The subconscious kind of always knows when something like that is laying around. (I kind of get that feeling when I go through that last pile of papers…where will I look NOW when I can’t find something?) Congrats on your progress!!!

    • Maria

      Thanks, Brenda! Although, I’m not sure I will ever “get done.” I have loads of fabric that must be used!

      • Brenda Johnson

        Yesterday I found myself at Sews a Lot and made a nice purchase. I told them that you should get a cut from all of the fabric I buy for portraits, since you’re the source of my obsession. Will we ever use all of our fabric up? I’m thinking I may use it all up in heaven someday.