Yeah! A second place ribbon!

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins
Coloring Grandma’s Garden
The 2014 Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild show ended yesterday. It was a great success! From everything I could see, there was a lot of participation and attendance was good. I always love seeing the wide variety of quilts. Everyone from the newest newbie to the most experienced quilter is welcome to enter their quilts. There were also a wide variety of styles, from a couple of counted cross-stitch quilts, many traditional styles, and art quilts as well. I’ve been part of this quilt guild since the late 1990’s, and I’ve always thought everyone was very encouraging and supportive, not matter what style you prefer or what stage of learning you are at.

Anyway, when sweet hubby and I went to pick up my quilts after the show, I was happy to see that “Coloring Grandma’s Garden” got a second place ribbon in the Original Art Quilt category! At our show, we don’t have judges; instead, the viewers pick their favorites in each category, so thank you to everyone who voted for my quilt!