Value study: Dancing Glow Sticks

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Value Study by Maria ElkinsI thought you might enjoy seeing a value study that I made one day during my little quilt retreat. I’m very interested in how colors change based on what color they are placed next to. In this study, the background is done in a very narrow range of dark, navy blues and the stripes in each row gradate from very light to very dark.

There were a couple things I found especially interesting. For one thing, the photograph shows more variations within the navy background than you would see in person. Also, even though I used the same navy blues throughout the background and I was careful to use the same proportions in each row, when you look at the piece in person, the navy seems darker at the top, probably because of the strong contrast.

I actually like this piece quite a lot. I like that it is simple and restful. I think it would be terrific to make it queen size and put it on my bed. I will probably never actually do that, but I can see it in my mind and that’s almost as good.

On the great advice of DD#2, I’m calling this one “Dancing Glow Sticks.”

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