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pqg-01 pqg-04Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had the delightful opportunity of speaking about color with the Patchwork Quilt Guild in Hamilton, Ohio. This friendly group of women welcomed me in, and I had a great time sharing about the all different ideas about color. I showed them a short PowerPoint presentation and then I shared a bunch of my quilts to help illustrate the various principles. All in all, I think we had a really good time!

Sweet hubby was busy that day, so I was blessed that DD#1 was able to make the trip with me instead. This is the first time she has heard my color lecture. After the meeting, we were barely to the car when the philosopher part of her began analyzing and theorizing about color! We had such a wonderful conversation, and she introduced ideas I had not really thought of before. One thing she pointed out was that using various color schemes is really just a way of directing the viewer’s attention to specific areas, for instance through the use of high contrast, or a way to give the viewer’s eye a rest in areas of lesser contrast. I had not really thought of it from the viewer’s perspective before, so I thought that was an interesting insight.

The other nice thing about yesterday is that on the way home, once we got to the main freeway, we were only one exit away from Ikea. Now, you must understand that for two organizer-types like my daughter and I, going to Ikea is a real treat, so we just had to make a slight detour. We enjoyed panini and we shared a piece of their delicious chocolate cake — that kind with all those luscious layers. Then we leisurely wandered around the store, absorbing all the ideas we saw and picking up an item or two.

Later in the day, little Miss Hazel and her parents came for a pleasant visit. I always love holding a sleeping baby!

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  1. Anna Stone

    As a member of the Patchwork Quilt Guild, I really enjoyed your lecture on color in quilt making. Very interesting. I especially loved your quilts–amazing!

  2. Joyce Bradley


    I have attend some really great programs and your “Colorama” was indeed at the top of my list. I am “Color Challenged” so you were just what I needed. I learned so much, I think the next time I select quilt fabrics, I will feel much more confident. Thank you so much for sharing your insights, skills and talents.

  3. Donna Taylor

    Enjoyed your lecture on color at the Patchwork Quilt Guild meeting! I too am color challenged when it comes to picking quilt fabric! Hopefully I will do better after learning from your presentation. Your quilts are amazing and it takes a true artist to be able to make such beautiful quilts! My favorite is the one of your two daughters wrapped in the quilt and one of the girls is pointing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your quilts!

  4. Jackie Mooar

    I am so glad I made time to get to this meeting. After it I couldn’t wait to get home to find my color wheel and use it as well as the dyer’s one. My studio quickly became a riot of color as I pulled out fabrics and weaving threads to play. I was truly inspired by your talk and quilts. Thanks so much!

    • Maria

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Jackie! Be sure to send me a picture of what you make 🙂