Sharing our quilts

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wh-01I’m a firm believer that quilts are made to be shared. How that is done might take a different form for each quilter: some give them to family and friends, some put them in shows, and some make them for community service projects. Whichever fits your personality, I encourage you to share your love of quilts with those around you. Most people are at least nominally interested, but many get so excited that the sharing becomes fun for you, too.

Today, I had a new opportunity to share my quilts. About once a week, sweet hubby drives a van for a local convalescent and rehabilitation home. He takes them for drives through the country or to a lunch buffet. (He usually gets a free ice cream cone out of it!) He was telling the activities director about my quilts, and she invited me to come and show them to the residents.

wh-03It was fun to bring a stack of my quilts to this community to do a low-key quilt show. I truly don’t think it would have mattered what my quilts looked like! They would have been excited and full of compliments and questions even if I only brought simple four patch quilts where none of the corners matched. They really just love having people come visit them. Wouldn’t we all if we were in their place? I highly recommend you or your quilt guild consider reaching out to a nearby convalescent home to do something similar. This simple act took so little time out of my schedule and it brought such joy to the fifteen or twenty who were able to join us today.

wh-02As an extra-added bonus, DD#2 came with 12-week-old Hazel. The residents really love seeing babies and children. I’ll be honest, though. Hazel definitely stole the show, which was all right with me!

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  1. Sharon Driver

    What a wonderful experience for all! Thanks, Maria, for the reminder … Quilts are made to be shared!

  2. Ed Chamness

    That’s a great way to share…my sister (in Kansas) is in assisted living and they have several groups which come in for special little activities…don’t know if they have had a quilt show, but am sure that they would appreciate it…and Hazel could steal anyone’s heart…