Miamisburg Material Girls

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Miamisburg Material GirlsOn Thursday I had another opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects: color! Sweet hubby and I went down to Miamisburg and I did a lecture for the Material Girls quilt guild. Doesn’t this look like a nice group of ladies? Yes, they really were nice and friendly!

Miamisburg Material GirlsI gave them the option of doing the lecture with a PowerPoint presentation or just from the quilts themselves, and everyone wanted to see the real thing which is all right with me! It was a lot of fun talking about color and why some combinations work and others don’t. In the end, I think I just kept coming back to the fact that it’s all about value! If you know nothing else about color, but you can identify the value of each fabric and use that knowledge wisely, I think that you can probably combine just about any colors you want and have an effective quilt. That’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? Definitely worth exploring. I’m really loving my gray scale for that.

Hazel at 3 monthsAnd now, it’s Grandma’s brag time. Hazel turned three months old this week! She’s such a happy baby, and now she’s becoming a seasoned traveler, too. Mommy and Daddy have been speaking to various groups about neonatal organ and tissue donation. This week they flew down to New Orleans, and Hazel handled the flights like a pro. This is Hazel just before we drove them to the airport. This is her second time flying, with the first time being when she was just three weeks old and they were speaking to a group in Las Vegas.