Our Texas adventure, Part 1

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Li'l Blue packed for our Texas adventureSweet hubby and I just got back from a really wonderful road trip to Houston and back, and I’d love to share it with you.

We started out on our two-day drive on Tuesday, October 14. Sweet hubby loves driving cross country. Weird, huh? But, it was enjoyable enough. It’s a great time of year to drive through the Midwest since all of the trees have turned beautiful shades of orange, red and golden yellow. And as we drove, we saw less color, but the weather turned warm and everything was wonderfully green. In the South, we were treated to fields of cotton in full bloom. That was the first time I ever saw a field white with cotton! Every quilter should see that at least once in her life since most of us use cotton fabric for our quilts.

We drove hard the first day. We left the house at 5 in the morning so we could miss the morning rush hour in a couple of major cities. In was after 10 at night when we took a break at a highway-side hotel. We arrived in Houston around 3 in the afternoon of the second day. We had a couple of hours to rest before we met a representative from the first quilt guild for dinner.

I fully intended on taking a photo of the inside of our car, Li’l Blue, when she was packed to the brim with all of my teaching supplies, but I completely forgot! In fact, I didn’t take nearly as may photos as I usually would on a cross-country trip, but tomorrow, I’ll show you what I was doing all those hours sitting in the car as sweet hubby drove to Texas!

2 Responses

  1. Diane

    I can’t believe you drove to Texas in October and didn’t just stay for festival! Anxious to see the rest of your photos.

    • Maria

      I know, that was hard but, sadly, we just couldn’t spare another week away from home.