Our Texas adventure, Part 3

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Coastal Prairie Quilt GuildAfter a second night’s rest, we readied ourselves for our first marathon day. I presented a trunk show to Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild of Texas in the morning. We ate a quick lunch before I taught a half day color workshop in the afternoon. It was fast and cram-packed full of information, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves despite my trying to teach a lot in a little time.

When I told them that after the workshop we were heading north to present a lecture in the evening, they all encouraged us to be prepared for the inevitable rush hour traffic — probably not the best idea to be traveling through Houston at that time of day! Everyone gave much appreciated advice on the best route to take. By 4 we had everything packed up again in Li’l Blue and we hit the Houston freeways to travel north to the next quilt guild meeting.

Golden Needles Quilt GuildIt took more than two hours to travel the distance that normally would have taken half that time, but at least we made it in plenty of time to set up for my lecture for Golden Needles Quilt Guild in Conroe. For them, I presented a lecture on the Lost Quilt Come Home website. I showed them a few quilts that are currently missing. I really enjoyed showing them a few of the quilts that have been recovered. At the end, I gave them loads of practical tips on how they can protect their own quilts before something happens to them.

Quiltmaker's Documentation FormAs part of that lecture, I’m always sure to tell them about my Quiltmaker’s Documentation form which is available for free on my website. If you don’t already document your quilts, I encourage you to download a copy today. Plus, please feel free to share this with your quilty friends and your quilt guild, too.

More on our Texas adventure tomorrow!