Our Texas adventure, Part 6

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Quilt Guild of Greater HoustonOn Monday, October 20, we had a relaxing day off, and we had a little extra time to prepare for Tuesday night’s lecture for Quilt Guild of Greater Houston.

I had the privilege of presenting my People and Portraits lecture, which is one of my favorites. In it, I cram in as much eye candy as I possibly can, showing a wide variety of portraits by many different artists, and then I end with a trunk show of my own portrait quilts. I think it was really well received and I got a lot of good feedback.

Wednesday, I taught a painted faces workshop to 25 ladies. That’s a really big group for that particular workshop, but the room was so well laid out and each lady had their own table, so it really worked out very well. We started with a couple of warm up exercises before we moved on to their fabric portraits. I like to give them two different ways to make portraits easier. On one we use a dry medium, like colored pencils or crayons, and on the other we use a wet medium, like paint, ink, or watercolor pencils. They had some really talented ladies and we had some really great results!

Here are some of the amazing dry medium portraits.

Here are some of the wet medium portraits, which are more difficult.

All in all, it was a wonderful class with a lot of talented ladies! More about our Texas adventure tomorrow.