New year’s resolutions are starting early

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De-cluitteringDuring the month of December, I also got serious about decluttering my house. (Another one of those reasons I haven’t been quilting and blogging much.) It all started because I wanted to baby-proof the house for Hazel, but for years now I’ve been beating myself up for not getting it done, so baby-proofing is really just the final motivation I needed. I broke down each room into mini-tasks, and I’m checking them off one by one. So far I have completed both bathrooms, the kitchen/dining room, the pantry, the two linen closets, the laundry room, and part of the living room. I’m pleased to say that my quilt storage cabinet can actually be used to store quilts again!

Honestly, though, those were the easiest areas. It still feels good to have them checked off the list! The bedrooms are going to be the tough jobs and, of course, the family room and my studio. And when it gets warmer, the garage is looming. I don’t even want to think about the shed in back. I might just ignore that. By this time next year, I’d like to have the entire house done, plus the attic at the house where DD#2 and her husband live. It still has boxes left from the 15 years we lived there. (I lovingly say that I have herds and herds of “boxen.”) In the meantime, the stuff I’m getting rid of is being stored in an old panel van (currently playing the part of “the POD”) so DD#2 can sell it at a garage sale in the spring. So I guess the boxen are just being herded to different areas.

And, someone here please keep me accountable: by the end of January I want to have my sister’s quilt top quilted and mailed back to her!

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  1. Sharon

    Doing the same off and on here too (mostly OFF – but still….). I am slowly getting to the realization that stuff is STUFF…and do I really need all that STUFF? DH is going to take a little longer to come around….haha.

    • Maria

      Yes, I have way more than I need. It feels good to get rid of some on it! But, sweet hubby has already “rescued” a few things I wanted to get rid of!

  2. Brenda Johnson

    Good for you! I’ve always wished I had a covered trailer or something (like your van) to store things in to donate or sell until the time comes to do so, because getting it out of the house is essential for that feeling of accomplishment. January is a good time for things such as this…especially if we get snowed in!

    • Maria

      LOL! I need a month of snow days to get through one room that has become a catch all for everything we haven’t wanted to deal with!

  3. Robin Lancaster

    I don’t post replies often, but I’m going to use your decluttering as incentive to finish my own decluttering. Don’t have much left to do, but at it’s zenith I was flinging so much it felt like a high impact aerobics class around here. If it was leaving the house, it went in the trunk of my car. That way when I was out … I wasn’t faced with “Man, I shoulda brought that stuff.”

    So, I’m gonna have my own little race to get done before you. We have just about the same amount of stuff left to do. And I need to get it finished for the same reason. A granddaughter in the house about to start crawling.

    Thanks, Maria for the kick to get going again.